One Step At A Time Thoughts Trifecta Day Year Two

Trifecta Day Year Two

Today ends the trifecta of the most miserable three weeks of the year. It always starts on September 28th and ends on October 19. I spend more time crying and sleeping just to survive during these weeks than any other. Why you might ask? Because Tori’s birthday is on the 28th. She shared that birthday with my Grandfather. Then Zanders is on the 6th of October. Finally today, we end up with the day that we had no other choice for the GOOD OF MY STEP CHILDREN but to sign our rights away. Welcome to the end of two years with no phone calls, emails, text messages, and pictures. To be honest for all we know the children could be dead and no one would ever tell us a thing. I think more often than not I live in a world where I keep thinking their dead because it’s easier to deal with that than the not knowing how they are doing. It’s like a living death folks. The sad thing about all of it is I have another friend who is having to make these decisions that my husband made two years ago, however, unlike my husband he is stuck with either never being able to get a job he is used to doing or giving her everything. It’s hard to see that and then remembering what Ben and I for the good of my step children.  So in honor of Tori I post this.

She hated vegetables. But loved sprinkles on her doughnuts. So Tori, if you still alive. This is for you. Your dad and I miss you both a lot and we hope you’re staying warm and dry.



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