The King’s Decision

Good Sunday Morning,

Well, it is finally the weekend again. We have been really lazy this weekend. It is just been one of those types of weekends. I have the next two days off which I am really excited about. Your dad, unfortunately, has to go into work on Monday but I am going to try to get up and get some more stuff done around the house. My parents are going to Houston to see my nieces.  They are going to be giving them the Barbie Dream House and Jeep. I remember setting up with your dad. That was a crazy 4 hours. We finally had to watch a Youtube Video on just to install the elevator on it. Your dad and I laughed so hard trying to put that thing together. IKEA stuff is easier to put together than that.

I know the IKEA is going up near your house so I know you must be really excited to have it really close to you. Your dad is holding up really well. He misses you both a lot. We know that we gave you the best gift of peace by not having to have your holidays ruined anymore by having to do handoffs and having to celebrate in two locations. It was nice to know you watched your dad’s video Tori on Friday night. It must have been a while since you had seen it since you watched it six times.

I will admit it hurt me a lot when you told the counselor you did not like me. That you thought I thought you were toxic waste. I don’t understand that considering we would have fun at dinner time and at church. Sometimes I wonder if you were coached to say the things you did to the counselor. I guess in all honesty I will never know.

Anyway,  I went to the doctor this week.  He is referring me to another oncologist for my mastectomy and then they are supposed to refer me to a plastic surgeon. Apparently, it is going to be between a 6-10 hour surgery if I can get the hysterectomy and mastectomy done at the same time. Your dad is really nervous about it. Because he is so nervous I let him come with me to all my doctor’s appointments so he can meet the doctors and ask all the questions he needs too.  He talks to my mom about the surgery sometimes because she has had the same surgery. My parents just love your dad. They love you both too and miss you.

Unlike your grandparents, my parents understood that we made the best decision for both of you. We know that while we may not see you until you are 18 we will at least get to be there for the both of you for the rest of your birthdays, Christmas and other events like marriage and graduations. There will be a lot of those that we will get to be a part of which we are excited for. We pray for you both and your current family every chance we get.

We know both of you are looking forward to Christmas this year. We are happy that you are going to be having a wonderful time and pray that you will remember us. As the year draws to an end we know it is another year that you have not gotten to see us. However, unlike others, we know that the decision we made to let you go was much like the story in 1 Kings 3:16-28. Your dad is the true parent did was the best for you at the expense of feelings. Because real parents make decisions, not in their best interest or reputation but what is in the best interest of their child. We love and miss you both.

Merry Christmas.



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