So A New School Year Begins On Monday…

Charlotte and Alexander,

Hope this post finds you well. Ben is in Denton right now visiting his mom and dad. His dad is really thankful we have been helping both of them and calling in to check on them that they are taking out for a nice dinner. I am glad he is going.  It means I get to some more streaming on twitch.  My last twitch stream was two hours of me trying to find a golden stag.  Needless to say, I was not successful.  In fact, I have been looking for it every night this week.  I ignored posting on my ACNH blog because of my pure determination to finding this bug. Ben has decided to put the PlayStation in my office so I can stream Fall Guys.  I am thinking I might download it this weekend to see if it is worth streaming.  From those that I follow, it looks like an awesome game.

Ben wanted me to let the two of you know he knows that you both want nothing to do with him and chose your adopted father over him when you went to the councilor and to the court for the adoption to take place.  He hopes to see and at least talk to you someday but he is no longer concerned if you do or not.  He realizes he has wasted his time hoping that you will.  He hopes you never have to be placed in a position to make the decisions he had to make. He also feels sorry for your adopted father because he knows what is coming for him. When it does, he hopes you two are smart enough not to play the BS games that you pulled with us because he will be less forgiving than we will.  In fact, if history repeats itself, he will and is already probably cheating on your mother which means when they go to get divorced, you will split time with a man no way related to you and your birth mother.  He might even win full custody over you and then your mother could sign her rights away.  Wow. Not a bad way to divorce yourself from both parents. To bad your adopted father will always treat you like second class citizens to his own birth children. Oh well, you chose this.  Told a judge it was what you wanted and told a counselor.  Ben finally told his mom you changed your name from Tori to Charlotte. She was really sad about that. She is really upset that she completed your requests and you did not have the decency to call her and talk to her and say thank you.  Instead, your mother just sent a text.  It is really sad the two of you have become so spoiled.  But in all honesty, its no surprise, the two of you are more like your spoiled brat mother and care about no one other than yourselves.  It is sad that your all narcissistic.

Ben tells me to stop even posting to this. I, however, find it an outlet.  That if you ever need Ben, then you have to come through me first. He has decided that he will not work with you until I have vetted you first. In a lot of ways, I understand why that is. His mother just now has realized that we saw her and his dad in the courthouse wheeling your mom around. She is really embarrassed. She realizes she made a mistake supporting your mother and that your mom has screwed her out of the deal that they made for seeing you more often. It is sad that everyone gets screwed in this and no one ever realizes the pain they have inflicted especially the narcist. I hope someday that you get help with this problem you both have. Because if not your life is going to be just like your childhood chaotic and a mess.

Enjoy school at Wiesbaden High School Alex.  I know your now a Junior. I hope your half-sister enjoys her soccer team. She looks a lot happier on her photo being in Germany than she did when she was in Florida with your adopted Uncle.  Tori enjoy school. I have Hobbes here with me.  He is enjoying his peanut sandwich in my office.

Miss M


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