Saturday Post 12.15.18

Forgive Me, Lord, I am A Sinner.

Good Morning Children,

I wanted to let you know Athena made her surgery well. The doctor was glad she did not have to pull any teeth. Athena is eating again so that is a positive sign. I had some higher views on my vlog this week so that is really exciting. Your dad heard positive news about his start date so he will be transferring to his new location soon.

This weekend I am working on a Christmas Carol video for my vlogg so it is going to be a fun weekend. Your dad is going to be taking the Barbie dream house to my parents on Thursday and bring back a bookshelf he is putting in his office. I am looking for shoes to wear to church because we stand 95% of the service. I am not purchasing any but its fun to look a little bit. We were blessed by God this week a lot. Our electric bill was only 40 dollars this month and Athena’s surgery was a lot cheaper than we expected.

I hope you enjoy your last week of school before your two-week break. I know you must have finals this coming week.  I will make sure to say a prayer for you during the vespers service, Xander. The cold weather has been really hard to deal with considering my fibromyalgia. I have been avoiding taking pain pills because it keeps me focused. It allows me to remember I am still here and need to continue working on everything so I am the way I am supposed to be when we see the both of you.

Your dad is going to help me with my vlogg and other website so I am really excited about that. It is going to be fun working with him on it. We both miss you and pray your ok and we pray to be the best that we can be when we see you again. Your dad and I plan on starting to go to the gym soon so he can start working out. I need to go because it helps with my fibromyalgia. Your dad is a lot happier and really excited about the future ahead. We both can not wait to share it with you when you are ready.

Forgive me, Lord, I am a Sinner.



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