Quarentine Day 73

Hi Tori and Xander,

I wanted to let you know that I am not choosing to skip out on emailing you anymore,  I was requested to by your mom.  She informed your birth-father yesterday.  I wanted to say I was sorry to hear about your step-grandfather. Your mom sounded really sad. I now she talked to your birth-father’s mother about him.  Your birth-father was nice and reached out to your grandmother.  We offered to help in any way we could.

Your mom and birth-father’s mother informed me that my emails were causing your pain.  So I decided to ensure you no longer had any I decided to just keep writing to you here.  I figure at some point when you are ready you will search the website and find my letters again.  My Gnomes Island is going well. I had K.K. Slider visit with only three stars.  He will now be visiting every Saturday evening.  I am now adding walkways to the island. My latest resident is Norma.  She is a pink cow.  It reminded me of the song we used to sing in the car about Strawberry Cows.

Other than that, we had a small fire in the house on Memorial Day.  We have put in a claim.  It caused damage to the roof.  We are just thankful no one got hurt. Your birth-father has been busy.  Today he is working on cleaning up his bathroom.  We were not injured in the Torando.  We had one that landed four miles away from the house.  I am really glad no one was hurt in that either. Your birth-father and I were surprised that we did not have more roof damage than what we have.  There also were no sirens which to us was really odd.

Anyway, I will let you go. I hope you are enjoying your trombone, Xander, and violin Tori.  Please stay safe.  I have heard you can now travel back to the United States, it will just mean your in quarantine for two weeks.

I love you both.


Miss M


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