Quarantine – Day 66

I just thought I would email you today since your birth-father is busy cleaning. I was able to find Celeste Amiboo figurine.  Celeste is an owl who is present in the New Horizons game that appears when there is a meteor shower. She is just absolutely adorable. I also have Mabel which is a seamstress hedgehog. They are just adorable.  I have them on your old bedside table in my office. I also started playing Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer on my Nintendo 3DS. Its been fun.
Your birth-father is doing great. He has been busy working on his office. I am excited to have him home for the next few weeks. If your mom and dad allow it you can add me on to your Nintendo Switch at  5229-8702-5408  or on my 3DS 4227 – 6765 -9164. If it would get you in trouble then please do not do it.  I do not want you to get into trouble. Your birth-father does not play on the switch.  He tried and found out it really wasn’t for him. While at Gamestop your birth-father picked up a Warhammer 40k game.
Anyway,  I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend. Please stay safe.
Miss M

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