Quarantine Day 63

Hi Tori,

I hope this email finds you well.  The city and the county extended the stay at home order again till June 4th. Your birth-father has been working this week.  Next week he may not have to go in because they extended his offices stay at home order till June 22nd. He hopes he can stay home because he is really wanting to work on the garage and finally cleaning it out. This weekend he is going to finish up cleaning out his office.  I have been busy working.  When I have time I play Animal Crossing New Horizons on my switch.  I have made an island called Gnomes.  I have Gnomes all around the island. It’s so much fun.
Your birth-father’s mother received the package we sent her with the reindeer you requested.  She informed your birth-father that she would notify him when his father mailed it. We had to take Lola to the vet yesterday.  She has an infection and the vet put her on some medication.  They told us she will be good in a couple of weeks. Your birth-father was excited to hear that. While doing Webex meetings for the week, I have had several positive complements of all the old frozen posters and minions posters that were in your room.
We have discovered that Lola loves pumpkin.  Maxwell does not like it.  So it makes it easier to feed them. I have been listening to some great books on audible. Do you enjoy listening to books?  What books do you like?  I found all my old Ronald Dahl books which are amazing.  If you get a chance I would highly recommend them. Matilda was my favorite. I hope this email finds you well.  I have attached a picture of the butterfly museum on my island. I know you used to love butterflies. I also have attached a photo of my gnome at the town square.
M in the butterfly exhibit on Gnome Island
Gnome and M on Gnome Island
Miss M

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