Quarantine Day 63

Hi Alex,

I hope this email finds you well. Your birth-father is cleaning out his office this week. He has been watching Bob’s Burgers recently.  He says I am a lot like Louise but I don’t know.  I heard you got to talk to his mother the Friday before mother’s day. Did you enjoy that?  Your sister asked for her reindeer so we sent it to your birth-fathers mother. She will be sending it to her.
So a couple more months till your 16. Congratulations.  That is a big milestone. Do you have plans for taking driving lessons?  If you are in Germany will you be getting on the Autobahn? That must be really exciting. Have you played any interesting video games lately?  Are you still enjoying science?  Did you get to take your trumpet to Germany?  Are you going to be playing it in the band next year?
Anyway, I am sure your busy and I am keeping you from something.  I just wanted to let you know, I was thinking about you.
Miss M

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