Quarantine Day – 49 – Clean Up

Hi Tori,

How are you? How was your week?  It has been a busy one for me and your birth father. Your birth father is getting my office ready. It appears my work is going to allow me to start working from home more often which is great.  Lola and Maxwell will be really excited about that. Your birth father still has to report to work on Monday.  So he has been busy getting my office ready.  He found the tea set your birth father’s mother gave you.  So he is going to be sending it back to her.  I have been taking care of him because going through this stuff has been really hard.  I found the calendar book I had of all our dealings with you and your brother.  It made me start thinking about how far your birth father and I have come in four years. Do you realize in June we will have been married five years?
Your birth father and I were talking about how much we have grown and mellowed over the last few years. Four years ago your birth father would not have even considered helping or talking to his mom or dad.  Now we are helping them out through this pandemic. Your birth father even talks to his brother on occasion. I know he talked to him yesterday.  His family is planning to go to Tennessee this summer. Your birth father and I are planning to go to the family reunion and I hear his mom and dad might be coming with us. I am so excited to see your birth fathers mom and dad again. I am hoping to have her socks completed by then.  Anyway, sorry I have been rambling on. LOL.
I just wanted to let you know if you, your brother, or mom ever need any help you can reach out to me. I am willing to help in any way that I can. Your birth father is too.
Please stay safe.  I was glad to hear the schools in DODAE were allowing Fridays to be catch-up days. But knowing you I am sure you are doing an amazing job. PS I started a new game I think you would love. Its called Pocket Camp.  I play it on my iPhone.  It is part of the Animal Crossing adventure game.  It is so much fun.
Miss M

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