Quarantine – Day 42

Hi Tori,

I hope this email finds you well. Are you excited, its almost time for summer? The weather has been amazing here. I had to restart your birth-father’s mother’s sock again. I was upset but it’s ok I am taking my time with it. I know she will love them when I give them to her. Maxwell and Lola are getting along well. Lola teases Maxwell and takes away his bedding.  It really upsets him and he growls at me in frustration every time she does that. Your birth-father always takes Lola’s side. We have decided that when we get a new house we are going to get a third dog. They have become part of our family. Your birth-father’s mother says that Lola is sensitive. LOL.  It truly is funny.
Your birth-father and I are doing well. We have both been extended another two weeks. We are safe.  We have ensured your birth-father’s mother and father are safe.  We buy their groceries and supplies so they do not have to go out of the house and get the risk of getting sick.  Your birth-father even enlisted a friend of his to go check on them if he is not able to get a hold of them. My parents are doing well.  They miss you both. We go see them once a week to go check on them. My mother is hoping to become an Assistant General Manager when the gyms open back up. My dad is still on leave but will return when the stay at home order is lifted.  They extended another two weeks until May 19th.
How is school?  How is your family?  How is your cat?
I hope this email finds you well.  I love and miss you.
Miss M

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