Quarantine – Day 42

Hi Alex,
I hope this email finds you well. Your birth-father and I have been keeping safe. Your birth-father and I both had our stay at home orders extended. How is your family doing?  I hope and pray they are doing well. My work has been keeping me busy with various projects.  Your birth-father has been keeping busy with getting my office ready and taking care of the weeds in the yard. The weather has been amazing here. It’s been cool and sunny. I will often work out on the porch when I get a chance.
We have decided to take a break at looking for a house. We decided to update and fix our current house. We have decided with everything going on we will continue our looking for a house in the fall. Have you enjoyed your time in Germany?  It must be fun to see the amazing buildings and food. I have been working with Lola and Maxwell, our four-legged coworkers. How are your cats?  Are they good study buddies for you? I tried downloading fortnight but I just don’t get the game.  To me, it’s very confusing. There is no process to move the game forward.  I guess I am missing something.
Anyway, I will let you go.  I hope you have a great week and stay safe.
Miss M

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