Quarantine Day – 35

Hi Alex,

I hope this email finds you well.  Your birth father and I have been doing well. They canceled school for the rest of the year here in Texas. So students are doing online classes now. Your birth father goes back to work on Monday.  My work is still waiting to decide if we are coming back or not.  Your birth father and I have continued helping your birth father’s mother and father with groceries and meals. I am sure you have found out that I am also emailing your sister in a separate email. I am sure you are enjoying sharing the information with each other.
I wanted to give you my cell phone number. XXX-XXX-XXX. I figure if you needed a recommendation for a college letter you can just send it to me. I know I started looking for colleges the summer entering into my sophomore year of high school. This week we have Friday off for the Battle of Flowers parade, however, it will not be happening but we still have the day off. Your birth-father this week has found some videos of you when you were younger.  He went ahead and posted them on his social media accounts.  That way they would not be lost.
Anyway, I hope again you’re doing well in school.
Miss Maja

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