Quarantine Day 28

Hi Alex,

Hope you are not going stir crazy being under quarantine. How is school doing?  We have been under quarantine under 28 days. I been busy gathering and sending food and supplies to your birth-fathers mother and father. I was able to get her some TP and Napkins. It has been great to help them out. We hope school is going well for you. I am busy knitting and cooking. Your birth-father has been busy getting the house ready to invite his parents for Thanksgiving at our house and getting my office ready. We have been watching Sherlock on Netflix.  It is really awesome.
I have been knitting socks. For some reason, I find them really fun to do.  I get to make them in all different colors. I have also started learning how to do Norwegian knitting. Have you been able to chat with Grayson lately? Your birth-father has been playing Call Of Duty: Warzone.  He has been having a good time playing that.  He also has been playing Infection Inc. on his phone.  He can play that for hours. What do you like to play?  Have you been having fun watching Youtube lately?  I have found some great people as of late.  I have found that the longer we are in quarantine the more people are posting.
Anyway hope this email finds you well.  Hope you got to see Harvey.
Miss M

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