Lock Down Again Living In A High Rate of COVID-19 City

Hi Gabriel and Charlotte,

It’s great to hear you are going to be talking or have talked to your birth-father’s mother.  I am glad to see that you got an Instagram account Charlotte.  I am glad you are able to communicate with your friends online here in San Antonio. Your birth-father and I are finally getting our house fixed from the fire that occurred on Memorial Day weekend. We are really excited about it.  I was able to go to the dentist on Monday. I also have a dermatology appointment in two weeks.  The dentist has me coming back to get my retainer done.  Eventually, they have me doing a lot of work due to me grinding my teeth due to all the stress that has been going on in my life.

My other blog has been going well. I have had several visitors visit the blog. Also, my youtube has been doing really well. Since the new update came out yesterday for swimming.  It has really opened up the game, Animal Crossing New Horizons. I have heard your birth-father’s mother sent your stuffed animals to Germany. You must really be enjoying it there.  I am glad to hear that. Your birth-father is doing really well. He misses you both a lot. They have changed the number of people in his office to four at a time. So he is returning to work on the 13th. I have been really excited to have him at home.

Your birth-father is sad that your middle names have been changed. But we are always here if you want to have them changed to what they were before.  We love and miss you both.  Please be careful in Germany.

Miss M.



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