Keeping A Promise

Hi Tori and Alex,

I hope this letter finds you well. Since I am no longer allowed to email you, I want to keep the promise I made to you in previous emails and at least write you once a week.  I bought my own Minecraft game yesterday evening since it’s on the Switch.  My coworker plays the game a lot so it was nice to get some help with it. I am hoping one of you play it.

I make myself a promise, there on the spot. I’m going to let go of the past. Let myself become fully part of RiverClan. And defend and protect every cat in it.” —Feathertail A Shadow in RiverClan, page 188

I know it is the end of the year with school being let out and the difficulties going on around the world,  I thought the above quote would be perfect. To embrace the opportunities of today we have to sometimes move on.  I am sure someone you know reads the Warrior Cat series of novels.  If not, I highly recommend them. They have hints of Harry Potter in the series. My sister being an elementary school teacher said they were amazing.

Anyway, I digress. I am still playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. Your birth-father has not heard back from his mom on when she is shipping the package. She was going to reach out to your mom to get details. Anyway, your birth-father and I love you and miss you a lot.  We hope you are enjoying your summer.  Stay safe and well.


Miss M

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