So I wanted to say hi.  A lot can change in a week. Your birth father and I watched the President address last night and say he is banning travel from Europe at for the moment. US Citizens are allowed to return but they have to go into one of the designated quarantine sites. Do not worry though.  I am sure your Dad and Mom going to take care of you. Do not worry, your birth father and I are well prepared for this. We talked to your birth father’s mother yesterday. She is doing well. We told her to it might be best if they stayed home during all this.  She agreed. We told her about the Walmart app we have been using so we do not have to go into the stores. She was really excited about it. Your birth father and I are really excited she decided not to go to Germany. It would be hard for her to be there for at least 30 days. I know Spring Break is the 6th through the 10th of April. This means if you are your friends were planning to come to the United States, there will be no traveling for Spring Break since the travel ban is in effect.

Anyway, this past weekend we looked at a house and had breakfast with my parents. It was good to see them. We have dinner with them tonight. Your birth father is doing overtime at work which is great. He misses the two of you a lot. I made an awesome casserole this past week. Your birth father loved it and has requested I make it again.  It’s nice to have my oven back since it was out of commission for a while. I have been reading some interesting books as of late.  One is called Bzerk and the other is Algorithms to Live By. Bzerk is science fiction. Your birth father is reading Norris Mythology. He is really interested in learning about his past. One of his coworkers is from the same region your birth father is from. So he and his coworker talk about the traditions of the past.
Other than that, nothing much to say here. I hope all is going well for the two of you.
Remember to wash your hands.



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