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I hope all is well with you. I am sure you started online learning today. I hope you enjoyed being able to watch your teachers do their instruction online. I am sure it is like Youtube so I am sure you are enjoying it, Xander. The governor here has closed all the schools through April 3rd. Your birth father and I are still going to work. I have been busy listening to my books on Audible. Today I have spent the day listening to Thinking edit by John Brockman.  It’s a fascinating book. Your birth father is doing well. We are looking at probably going to go and replace his truck this weekend. Last I heard you had four people that had contracted COVID-19 at the base. So make sure you wash your hands. Your birth father and I hope your parents are fine and that your friends and their parents are fine as well. We have stopped seeing my parents for a while until it is safe to do so. Your birth father talks to his mother often and last we heard she was doing well.  She was going into the hospital again to get her heart back into rhythm. She informed us she was going to be ok.  I discovered the animojis on my iPhone so it’s just a matter of time before I am posting hilarious videos.  I have to say though my favorite has to be the talking poo. It is just funny. Anyway, your birth father and I both miss you.  We hope you are both doing well.

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