Hello From The Weekend

Another week with a Friday soon approaching. Your birth father and I are doing well. He went to the gun range near our house this past weekend and I bought him a monthly membership there.  He has been building weapons lately and wanted to test them out. He seemed really happy being there. I finally had to break down and buy a new phone. It was really frustrating but I finally have everything moved over. Your birth father’s mother is still not cleared to drive yet but she is hoping in the near future to have that ability again. We are looking at some houses this weekend which is both a pain and a pleasure all in the same instance. Lola is doing great and so is Maxwell.  I have been busy this week online search for a headstone for your birth father’s grandmother. We have gotten approval from your birth father’s mother and aunt so once we design one we like we will be finally doing that.  Your birth father’s mother is really excited. She is so thankful we are doing that for her mom.  There is a pie baking contest to celebrate national Pi day, so I am thinking about entering a savory and sweet pie. Your birth father really would like me to do both but I am still debating it. I hope you both have a wonderful weekend. It’s finally starting to warm up. The dogs and I are excited about that. Anyway, I am sorry this email is so short. I hope it finds you both well. I will write again next week. Stay safe and have fun.


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