Hello from the United States

Hi Tori and Xander,

Hope all is well with you.  We celebrated Father’s Day, our five year wedding anniversary and your birth-fathers birthday this past week. We had a good time.  On Tuesday, we celebrated the final meal of your birth-father’s birthday with tres leches cake.  It was AMAZING!!! I go to the endocrinologist tomorrow. I do not expect anything really all that important to come out of that meeting. I am hoping she can recommend me a dermatologist. I have Dyshidrotic Eczema and its flared up due to the stress of everything going on in the world. I need the dermatologist to help me with it. Anyway, we have informed your birth-father’s mother that we will no longer be providing feed support.

Since the fire in our house, we have had contractors in and out of the house. I have been told that I am on the schedule to get the house repaired on Wednesday, July 8th.  I am hoping that to be the case.  We did hear from your birth-father’s mother that she intends to mail your stuffed animals to your house in Germany tomorrow. I stay at the house most of the time since I am at high risk for COVID-19. I have a great deal of friends on my Nintendo Switch and we have been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons together.  I love that game.  I have decided that I am going to start streaming once I save enough money for the video card for my Switch.  I have also started a blog about my island that I write on every day. It helps me since I was asked not to email the both of you any longer.

I have a Youtube channel for that website as well.  So its been fun taking videos of my game play and posting them on there for right now.  I might stream my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp this weekend if I have time. I finally have taken down all your posters and artwork Tori out of your room. Xander, your birth-father has claimed your old room as his office.  I finally got him to move most of the stuff into foot lockers. He noticed the drawer you broke to the dresser.  He fixed it.  Tori I saw the writing on the wall you did next to your bed.  I have painted over it so it looks clean again.

Anyway, its supposed to rain here tomorrow.  The puppies and I are excited for that.  I hope your having a good time with your family in Germany.


Miss M


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