Hello from the Heat Wave

Hi Tori C. S. and Alexander G. S.,


I hope this email finds you well.  Nothing much happened this week.  Your birth-father does his rotation at work starting on Monday.  We do not know how long he is going to be in the office. Its OK though because I am working from home.  I was able to get my three monitors from the office along with my docking station and chair.  So its been like working at work. I have been in charge of training the staff on a new process which has brought me into my old skills of teaching.  Its been nice to say the least. Anyway, we are not sending your grandparents any more food. The only think we now send is an imperfect box.  It provides them fresh fruits and vegetables. The roof is finally fixed on our house and our laundry room.  The fire did some damage but at least it is now repaired.

Maxwell and Lola are not adapting to the heat well so they are often in either your birth-father or my office. It helps them keep cool since we have fans going in both of these areas. I have been busy playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pokemon Shield. I really am enjoying both of these games. I also have Mobile Legends, Pokemon Go and Pocket Camp on my phone.  I like Mobile Legends.  Its easy and I get to play with a lot of different people.  I learned about the game as part of a friends group I belong too. I have to say though my favorite is Animal Crossing: Ne w Horizons. I have even started a blog about my island.  I write on that blog about what I did on the island that day almost every evening.  I even take pictures and videos.  My Instagram account has gained some momentum. I am up to 39 followers.  The Animal Crossing community has been really nice and supportive.

This week I had shooting stars on my island.  I was able to get a really amazing picture.  I love it.

I also have a YouTube channel that you can find on this site. It has all my animal crossing videos from my game on it. I have had almost 300 views over the last 28 days. I have to admit, its a great distraction after work. How are you doing?  Are you enjoying your summer?  Have you got to go to Belgium?  I am sure your grandmother would like to talk to you or hear if you got the bear and stuffed animals you requested be returned. Anyway, I hope you are doing well.  Your birth-father and I miss you a lot.


Miss M


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