From The Island…

Hi Alex and Charlotte,

I hope you are liking your new names that you chose.  Ben finally talked to your Grandmother about your name changes this week.  I am glad he did.  She and he are getting together in Denton next weekend. I did my first stream on Twitch last week.  I published my first live stream of me playing Animal Crossing New Horizons.  I also uploaded the stream to my youtube channel. Take a look I think you will really enjoy it.  I did a tour of my island. I am going to do some streaming tonight.  I am in search of Golden Stag and BarrelEye fish, I probably will be streaming that tonight.  I have my Gnomes Gazette I have to publish tomorrow too.  So I am going to be busy this weekend.

Ben is off this week. He is going to be setting an appointment with Audiology for his tinnitus.  I have been busy working.  I finally got the dryer fixed at our house so I do not have to go see my parents and do laundry anymore.  I am really excited I was able to get it done this week.  I had my first villager to my island today.  Her name was Alyssa.  It was nice to go to her island and swim.  I was able to get an apple that I have been looking to obtain. I finally got them planted.  I sent her a red gnome so it could protect her island. If you want to come to visit my island you can.  You do not have to talk to me either. I just thought you would like to see what I had done with the island. You can also do some fishing and bug catching if you like.

It has been really hot here at home. We are trying to keep cool but the temperature is making that really difficult.  If you want to check me out on Twitch here. I try to stream at least once a week on the weekend.  Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your last week of summer since school starts on the 24th.  Have a great weekend and I hope we can chat soon.




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