From The Frozen Tundra

Well, it been another week.  I hope all is well with you. I know it’s been snowing in Germany. No snow here yet but it has been really cold the past few days. I started writing a science fiction novel. Keeps me out of trouble. 🙂 Your birth father is doing well. He has to work overtime a couple of times this week. Your birth grandmother went to the Neurologist yesterday but I have not heard how that went. Last weekend was my birthday. We really did not do anything. I did make chicken and rice casserole which was fun. I am getting a new phone finally.  It’s going to be pink. We have been preparing for COVID-19. Two people in Mexico were found to have it and we are at Ground Zero since JBSA Lackland is part of the quarantine area. Your birth father has been really nervous about it considering he does quite a bit of traveling OCONUS. He promises me he will be fine but it still something that makes me nervous. Oh well. We are continuing to look for houses. We are looking for a larger back yard so Lola and Maxwell can run around in. I started a flip board magazine this week because its how I am collecting data about COVID-19 and it helps me write my science fiction book.  I have had a lot of positive responses to the prologue.

The downside to all this is that my stocks have been going down. It’s frustrating, however, my Gold stock has been doing really well. Prices are going up on a lot of basic items which is sad but hey I guess its basic economics right. I am continuing on knitting my socks. The second one will be done soon.  Maybe I will share a photo when they are done with you. Your birth grandmother has gotten back into crocheting which is awesome.  I love it that she does that. She and I will be doing a yarn store tour in North Texas soon. Your birth father and I are going to be taking Lola with us.  This weekend we have plans for the vet, gun range, and hopefully some books. I can not imagine what the people in Wuhan are going through being stuck in their houses.  I am making sure that I have books to read that keep me busy because if electricity comes to a halt I am going to need an actual book instead of my kindle to read. I also have crayons and colored pencils to draw with so I am sure everything will be fine.
Anyway, I hope you both of staying warm, and this email finds you well.
Miss you. Till next week.

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