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Hi Tori and Alex,

Hope this letter finds you well. Ben is now working a one week on two weeks off rotation.  The dogs and I are really liking that schedule.  We are waiting to get the ducts clean to the dryer and once that is completed we will be able to get our washer and dryer back up and running.  Ben talked with Matt the other day and he was going to call Bill.  Bill and him talked for a while. Several of Bill and Tara’s creditors have called us looking for them. They also have been calling Ben’s mom.

Ben was able to put some money down on a new firearm near Ft. Worth so in the next couple of months he is going to finish paying for it and go up there.  He is looking forward to going on the trip. I am jealous because I want to go to Braums. Its OK though I realize though I will never be accepted by you or Ben’s family.  Its sad to say that but I have to say Ben is the only person that tells the truth. Between his mom, the two of you, and everyone else you all just feel it is OK to lie. I never have understood that. Lying limits the number of people you can have as friends. It also can limit your opportunities everywhere.

I hear that school will be starting in August for the two of you. I am sure you are deciding to go back to face to face schooling instead of doing the online version.  I got Pokemon Sword to play.  Its a really interesting game. I have two badges right now and working my way to get the water badge. I also have been playing Animal Crossing.  My island is now a five star rating. I am so excited about that.  Anyway, hope the two of you are doing well.  Not that the letters matter, but I hope you can start telling the truth at some point.



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