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Morning Tori and Xander,

I hope this posting finds you well. Today is your birth-father and my anniversary.  We have been married for five years today. The weather is a lot like the day we got married, hot and humid. I am hoping it rains this afternoon like it did on our wedding day.  My parents got us a gift card to Green Vegetarian restaurant. I love eating there.  Your birth-father and I have really grown to love salads. They also make an amazing vegetarian and vegan breakfast.

Your birth-father’s birthday is on Monday. I am hoping the roof will get fixed but I am not holding my breath about that. We really do not have anything planned.  My mother’s coworker was tested for COVID-19 and found to be positive.  So she and my father are both checking their temperature.  Both of my parents are in the high risk category. Your birth-father sent a father’s day gift to your Uncle and Grandfather. They should be receiving their gifts today.

I started a new blog about my Animal Crossing New Horizons game.  I write everyday about the game and the creatures I interact with. I have a coworker who has added me to her Animal Crossing New Leaf game.  So I plan on visiting her town soon.  I purchased Animal Crossing New Leaf this past week so I could play Animal Crossing on my 3DS.

Your birth-father and I went to GameStop yesterday.  Its awkward being in there. They only allow five people in the store at a time.  They do not have a lot of options for games with the Nintendo Switch. Your birth-father was looking for another WH40K video game. I was looking for video card and headset so I can live-stream my game-play on Twitch.  In the next couple of days I may just break down and buy the HDMI and video card to play on amazon.  I do not have a headset but maybe I can earn some money to get some from live-streaming.

I colored my hair last weekend to a mauve color. Its really pretty.  I love it. I wanted to do pink but your birth-father thought it would be better to do it in mauve. Your grandmother and grandfather are doing well. Your grandfather’s prostate cancer has not returned so that is some great news. Your birth-father talks to them at least twice a week.

Anyway, I will let you go. I hope all is well with you.

We love and miss you both.


Miss M

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