From Home…

Hi Tori and Xander,

Hope this posting finds you well. Ben is doing well.  We are in the process of cleaning the house so we can sell it. I am so excited we have finally gotten to this point. I hope you had a good first week of school.  I have been busy working and Ben will finally be off next week.  He caught his beard in a drill yesterday so he had to go and get his beard cut.  It looks really nice.

I have been playing Minecraft for the last couple of days.  I also have been playing ACNH.  I finally got my first house built in Minecraft. It was really fun to build it.  I was able to put a little daisies around my new house.  I can see why you love Minecraft Xander. I have a streamer I follow who plays Minecraft every Friday night.  She allows us to join her on her server.  I have not joined yet but I have been thinking about it.

I thought I would share my house with the two of you.

In ACNH, Zucker left finally and I have replaced him with Boomer which is a lazy penguin. I also finally was able to get Pinky’s photo today.  Anyway, I hope all is going well in Hess, Germany. Please take care because now Tori that you are of the age that most females your age in Germany get raped by foreign nationals in that country.  Statistics are 1 in 3.  Please remember to protect yourself.


Miss M

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