From Ben and M’s House

Hi Tori and Alex,


I hope this posting finds you well.  Ben is talking to your grandmother today at 5 PM.  Last weekend I was able to post my first long YouTube video of my island. It was exciting. I love the August update with fireworks. I enjoy getting onto Twitch Tv and talking with others about the game. I am hoping at some point soon to do some streaming as well.

Ben has gone back to two weeks on and two weeks off work schedule.  I know he is excited to get to go back to work. I am thinking I am going to be downloading Sims4 on my laptop so I can play it. I might decide to stream that in the beginning just so I can get comfortable with it again. Ben’s brother lost his job so we have offered to put together a resume for him and have him apply for government jobs.  We are still waiting to hear back. I am glad Ben is talking to his brother again.

I got my retainer that I now wear 24/7 so I sound kind of funny when I talk.  I got it on Monday from my dentist. I do not know if it is helping but I have to have faith that it is.  Ben laughs at me when I pronounce something funny.  We both laugh because it is cute that he teases me. They have discussed possibly putting me in braces but they are holding out to hope that the retainer will do the work that it is supposed to do.

Anyway, I hope this email finds you well.  I hope we can chat soon.

Miss M


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