Faith Like A Mustard Seed

Xander and Tori,

Well, it is the end of another year. I hope you are doing well and had a good Christmas. Your dad finally got his start date at his new job.  He is going to be working at the ammunition depot sub-post of the San Antonio Arsenal. He is really looking forward to starting. I have been busy working and getting ready for my surgery. Athena made it out of her surgery ok which we were happy to have. Maxwell goes in for surgery around the same time I am having my surgery. We have been getting the house ready to have my parents over.

If there is one thing you should know. Your dad is a big dog lover. He really enjoys having dogs as part of his family. I emailed you both this morning wishing you a happy new year. I just tell you that because if you don’t get the email at least I have a reminder via this and my sent message logs to show you when we see you when you get older. I figure since you didn’t watch the video the entire first week that you must have not seen your Grandmother that lives here but instead must have seen your dad’s parents. If you did I sure you had a good time with them.

All I can do is pray for the two of you. I have not seen pictures of either one of you in over a year. To be honest I do not even know if you are dead or alive. I have to assume alive since there is a pattern to the viewing of your dad’s video. There are days I feel like lighting a candle on the remembrance side of the church instead of just in front of the Jesus icon. I think I do it more out of respect for your dad than anything else. We decided not to tell anyone about the two of you at our new church. Makes it easier not to have people ask about you or if we have heard anything.

I figure since everyone else has forgotten about the two of you and everything that has happened that I probably should do the same. Yet there is that story about the mustard seed. Did you know that when your dad was born he did not have the ability to breathe?  Your grandfather….the agnostic…prayed over your father and left him a mustard seed. The next day your dad was breathing and had the function of his lungs. So we talk about miracles…I live and hug a miracle every day. I know God does miracles. I hold my faith that you will come back home someday. Because sometimes….faith although small has the power to move mountains.

Hugs and Kisses,


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