End of School….

Hi Xander and Tori,


I hope this letter finds you well.  So today was your final day of school for school.  I am sure you are both looking forward to your summer break. Do you have plans for the summer?  What are you looking forward too?  I been learning how to use Twitch. I finally was able to steam yesterday for the first time.  I might try steaming again tonight.  I am currently streaming Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

I am still trying to get comfortable with the twitch streaming service. I am hoping to play more games on my phone so I can stream them.  I am also hoping to figure out how to stream my twitch from my switch. I also have been sketching. Today I sketched a gnome.

I have been listening to a new book.  I am listening to a new book called “God of Gnomes (God Core #1)”.  It is a  dungeon core LitRPG.  Its really a fun book. Have you been reading any good books lately?

I got the quote to fix the roof from our fire.  So we are going to start on getting the vendor in to repair it soon.  I am really excited to get it fixed. It has been really hot here.  Protesters were near my office the other day. Luckily they still having us work at home.  How are the protests going on in Germany? Are your mom and you staying safe?  Your birth-father’s mother should be calling your mom soon to find out if she still wants her to mail the package to you or if she wants her to wait to see if you want it when you return to the states.

Anyway,  I will let you go.  Please stay safe. We love and miss you both.





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