Barney Is On His Way


I wanted to let you know that your birth-father’s mother got Barney the Bear to send to you.  I thought you would want to know.  I added Wonder Women Bear for your sister.  In Animal Crossing, they started Shark Month and new creatures to collect.  I am really excited I started a youtube channel with all the videos I have taken with the Animal Crossing game.  It is fun.

I hope you are enjoying Germany.  I know you had a holiday today.  The weather was great. We had the inspection done from the fire in the house.  So we are just waiting on them to send the claim so we can get the hole repaired in our room. I know you have only 7 more days of school.  I am sure you are looking forward to being able to sleep in and watching youtube.

Anyway, I will let you go. Please enjoy Barney the Bear. I hope you enjoy having him back. If you would like to add me to your switch. You can add me and I will accept the friend request.

Take care and stay safe.


Miss M.


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