Another Thursday Letter

Hi Xander and Tori,

I hope the both of you are doing well. We had the house inspected this week since we had that fire in our laundry room. Now we are waiting on USAA to give us our quote so we can proceed with fixing the roof.  Since our laundry room is out of commission we decided to do laundry and my mom and dad’s house.  It was good to see them.  My mom is back to work at the gym and my dad is back to work selling hearing aids at Costco.

Monday was the beginning of summer in my Animal Crossing game.  I have started posting videos on YouTube.  Eventually I will work my way into doing a podcast about my island. I wanted to do it like twitch but I have not found an easy way to do a twitch session without connecting my pc to a television and then the switch to the tv.  I was hoping they would have a download for the twitch streaming app on the switch but they do not. Oh well, summer has been really neat. They have new bugs and fish to catch.  They even have sharks. LOL.  I caught a great white the other day.

Since the name of my island is Gnomes.  I have started buying a couple of gnomes every day and placing them around the island.  One right now is managing the fortune cookie stand. I even designed a room in my house to get married in by a gnome. For some reason I just think that is hilarious.  Celeste came by my island last night and I saw my first two shooting stars. Unfortunately I was unable to make a wish on them because I was watering some flowers.  I am hoping to see some tonight or again soon.

Your birth-father is doing well. His mother has informed us that she will be mailing your bear and reindeer out on Friday. Please let us know if you want or need anything else. We have no issues providing you with anything you or your mom need.

I have attached a picture of the firefly I caught in my game last night. I have it in the living room of my house in the game.


Your birth father and I love and miss you both.


Miss M



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