One Step At A Time Letters to the Children A New Year and New Start To School

A New Year and New Start To School

I hope you both enjoy your first day back at school.  Now that you are in the second half of the year I know you are looking forward to the summer.  Your dad starts his new job in the next couple of days and he is really excited about it. This job is going to require some travel around the world so he has promised me he is going to take pictures for me. This weekend we did not do much.  We stayed home and cleaned up some and relaxed. I will be honest I had my head stuck in my phone most of the time playing this amazing video game. I also went to the bookstore and found a couple of books for your dad and me to read while he sold some of his books back to Half Price Books.  We are planning to make your dad amazing beef stroganoff tonight. I am looking forward to it. He made cheese dip for me this weekend which was really nice of him.

I wanted to let the two of you know that while you might be in pain because you have not seen your dad or me, we did this so you would not have to deal with your mother and father fighting all the time. Every decision we made while your parents were divorcing and afterward was for the benefit of the two of you. No decision or action was taken lightly. We methodically played out every scenario for every decision we made. In the end, we also made our decision based on what was best for the two of you and nothing else. Because in the end, it was always about the two of you and what we felt was in your best interest and that is what good parents do. They sacrifice what they want for their offspring. Its never about reliving the past or taking revenge but everything was about what ensured your safety, security, and normalcy throughout the entire processes. I hope the two of you will remember that.

We were notified on Friday that your dad’s fuel pump was going out on his truck so I purchased a new fuel pump for him and he is having it installed today. I am almost done saving my money to get my car fixed from the deer that ran into it. I also had the doctor assist me in filling out my disability plates so I can switch to the DV plates. This will help on really cold days considering my fibromyalgia impacts my walking really bad now. It’s getting difficult to move around even with all my weight loss. I have decided to try to find an aikido studio and work out there because they say the best thing for fibromyalgia is to move around. Your dad did martial arts as a kid and he thinks it would be fun for me to take it.

Anyway, I pray the two of you to have a great new year and finish out the school year strong. Your dad and I love and miss you both.

Hugs and Kisses,


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