Alex and Tori,

Good Afternoon.  I hope this letter finds you well.  I have been listening to 1984 by George Orwell this week. Its been a really great book to listen too.  Ben has raised his rank to a 5 star general in the game he plays.  I have gotten Splatoon 2 which is really a great way to relax after work. I really enjoy the game. I was able to get Amazon Prime so now I have twitch prime.  This allows me to play games and also subscribe to one streamer.  I decided to follow jennrogue.  She plays Animal Crossing New Horizons, Minecraft, and Sims 4.  She just started her youtube channel.  She talks about the gnome I gave her during the bug off and also she took a video of when she visited my island via the dream mode and talking to the attendant of DAL. It was really awesome.  I also got to play with her and a couple of hours on her stream on Saturday during the bug off.  I really had a good time.  I love the dream option that the second summer update provides.  It gives people the opportunity to visit people’s islands without them having to be online.  If you play the game please feel free to visit my island.  It’s nice because as long as you have the dream code number you can visit anyone’s island without them knowing or you having to worry about people messing up your island. It’s an amazing feature.

I have also started a Gazette for my island.  I post every day about what I am doing on the island. Ben returns to work next week.  He will be working next week and then will be off for another two weeks. I am continuing to purchase imperfect boxes for your grandmother.  Other than that Ben and I do not really talk much with her.  Also this weekend, I was able to participate in the Pokemon Go event.  It was fun.  I admit I am not very good at Pokemon Go but it was fun to be driven around by Ben and play the game in his truck. This weekend we are going to work on cleaning up the living room. I am looking forward to that.

I am thinking about going with the color pink for my next hair color. I think it will look great on camera when I start vlogging and streaming on Twitch. Anyway, I hope this email finds you well. I hope someday to hear from either one of you.


Miss M



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